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Boat name, lettering & graphics design service.

DESIGN PACKAGES for your custom boat logo, lettering, graphics or embroidery artwork setup.

If you DO NOT have production ready artwork and REQUIRE boat name logo design we offer 3 packages seen below. For existing customers or for individuals WITH PRODUCTION ARTWORK you may upload and order your personalized boating gifts and gear now. 

custom boat lettering
custom boat graphics
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All IBG design services, whether it is a Boat Wrap, Marine Sign or Boat Name are created completely custom ; no cookie cutter designs or templates are used. It is our primary focus to design unique boat graphics and quality Marine Identities that truly stand in a class of their own.  

NOTE: Each design evolves through client communication, therefore; the more input you contribute to the project, the more you'll get out of it.

Custom boat name design 1. Constraints

Before we start on the digital drawing board it is always important to know what physical constraints (if any) need to be considered. It can be counterproductive to start design in the event that there is a light, port hole, height restriction or other obstruction that we will need to work around. For this reason it is highly recommended that our customers first send a picture of their boat. 

Custom boat lettering ideas 2. Research & Planning

Similar to most development projects, a degree of research and planning is necessary to achieve the desired end result. Your IBG representative will review any pictures provided and will ask specific questions in order to gather creative insight about your boat and "marine personality".

Custom boat name design 3. Font Style

Typically, throughout the design consultation we will render enough insight in regards to which font styles should be presented for review. In most cases, customers have a good idea or example of which font styles are of interest. Feel free to browse our FONT IDEAS section for suggestions.    

Custom boat graphics components 4. Components

From pet paws to photo quality sunsets, there are virtually no limits to the design components and creativity. If it is an elegant drop shadow, a "keyline" of sliver, a bit of blue, or an interesting "theme" you seek; the pleasure will be ours to fullfil it. For examples, please browse our COLOUR & MATERIAL GUIDE section.

boat name concepts
5. Concepts

Digital concepts will be provided via email correspondence. Customer feedback is strongly encouraged during this stage. Upon final design approval a photo mock up will be created to confirm the size and installation placement. Our design team will work with you to create a completely unique and magnificent design until you are happy with every aspect of it.


"Recently my wife and I started a new company and required a corporate logo design and used a leading local design firm. When going through the boat name design process (as seen above) we noticed a very similar experience. IBG really captured the necessary components simply by asking the right questions. Our family truly enjoys sharing our new Marine Identity both on and off the water. The hats, shirts and mugs that we had made are a phenomenal addition to our boat name! Overall, IBG is a wonderful company to work with and we would not be hesitant to recommend them to anyone." - Mark Walsh    

boat graphic ordering Branded Marine Identity items Boat name ordering process


If you have any questions for our design team or would like to discuss further details please do not hesitate to contact us.

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